Entertaining Copy That Converts



Want your business to delight your customers

as much as extra butter on their popcorn?


You need entertaining copy

that glues them to the screen.



No sweats, you can sit and relax. 

I'll do it for you!

Sales Letters  → Only if you're ready to see 6 figures in your bank account.  

► Website copy → Call me the Extreme Makeover Master for website pages!   

Email magic   → If you want customers falling head over heels with your biz.


Hey there, I'm Valentina.


I can put your business on the BIG STAGE in three easy steps:

Step 1: Let's talk about what your business needs right now

I'll help you discover the perfect path to fame & glory (and all the moulah that comes with it)

Step 2:  I'll write the copy, you have a nap (or a schnapps, whatevs') 

This is the part where you finally take a break (feel that boulder getting off your shoulders?)

Step 3: GLORY, FAME & MONEY rollin' in your life on fast-forward

That's what you get for taking the right decision (how's that spotlight looking on YOUR business?)